Who is AGS?

Day in and day out, we care about helping businesses grow as much as we care about helping our own. After all, we grow our business by growing yours. And when companies flourish, so do the economy and the country.

At AGS, we make a conscious effort to contribute to nation building. We do our share by empowering businesses, the pillars of the economy, with the right tools and expertise in streamlining processes and bringing about improvements that spell growth and profitability. We’ve built expertise around getting to grips with the toughest real-life business problems, enabling companies to focus more on innovation rather than on fixing broken processes.

Put simply, we are a business success enabler, just like our parent company, ePLDT, the information and communications technology (ICT) arm of PLDT.

Our Mission

We are forward thinkers, empowering success-driven enterprises by optimizing their operations through value-creating business management solutions.

Our History

We‘ve been helping businesses since 1993, then carrying the first LAN-based accounting software in the Philippines called Platinum. Working with us is essentially working with a pioneer.

Our People

We employ on a full-time basis certified public accountants, and industrial and software engineers as consultants – all of whom complied with our partners’ strict professional standards.

Our Presence

We make sure we’re just a stone’s throw away when you need us. So, aside from our headquarters in Makati, we also hold offices in Cebu, Davao, and even in Jakarta (Indonesia).

The Leadership Team

Nerisse Ramos

Nerisse Ramos


Luigi Lopa

Luigi Lopa

General Manager

Vera Lim

Service Development & Delivery

Nico Bambao

HCM & Shared Services

Ludy Aala


Percy Flores

Sales & Marketing

Jojo Martinez

Business Solutions Technical Development

Criz Banzuela

IT, Technical & Application Support

Tope Saquillo

Business Development


We are made up of people who appreciate work-life balance. We continuously expand our technical skills…and our social circle at the same time. We go places, implementing projects and exploring wonders afterwards. We care about the welfare of the company but never look past our own health. For us, quality of work is very important, so is quality of life. We take pride in having two families: one with whom we’re related by blood and another with whom we share the same vision – SUCCESS!

We work hard but we also live well. That’s the AGS Way.