AGS AppSupport

Support and Enhancement

The center of expertise in application and customer support.

Avoid disruption, ensure business continuity

Keep your systems healthy at all times. Be proactive with early watch alerts which enable you to detect and reduce mission-critical errors ASAP.

Future-proof your system and your business

Software continuously evolve in response to new business trends. Get easy access to updates and get ready for the future by getting your system supported.

Save on technology costs in the long run

Don’t skip software maintenance renewal to avoid paying penalties for reinstatement. Debugging outdated systems also prove to be more costly.


Software Maintenance Renewal

Get access to new functionalities as the product develops with software maintenance. Make sure that you are using a system that keeps up with the times.

  • Business Ready Enhancement Plan for Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Software Maintenance Renewal for SAP Business One and SAP Business All-in-One

Technical and Helpdesk Support

We’re only one call away. Whenever you’re having some rough time with your system, our dedicated team of certified business applications consultants will be there to save your day. We provide you options on how support service may be rendered – by phone, e-mail, or onsite, the choice is yours.

  • Incident Reporting (bugs, errors etc.)
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Issue Resolution

System Upgrades and Customization

As your business grows, processes may change. This may also call for a change in your system configuration. In this case, we provide the expertise in adjusting your system to your current business setup while at the same time keeping it flexible to adapt to future requirements. We also make sure your system is always updated by recommending and implementing software upgrades.

Application Lifecycle Management

We stay the course from the time you’re still deciding which solution best fits your company until after we’ve implemented it. Like you, we’re looking for long-term partnerships, not short-lived relationships. Below are some of the things we do where end-to-end solution management is concerned.

  • Solution Documentation
  • Test Management
  • Business Process Operations
  • Maintenance Optimizer and Note Assistant

What Our Clients Say

When we grew, we faced a lot of challenges and felt the need to implement an ERP solution. When we started implementing SAP Business One , ABM Global Solutions was always there. Since then, for 7 years, we never had any major problems which is a testament to how great the support of AGS is.

- Mr. Pierre Carlo Curay, AVP for Business Solutions