Boost your team's and company's performance

Equip your workforce with critical skills needed to be more efficient in performing their roles. Great employees make a great business.

Ensure success in your chosen career

Develop the right behavior and competencies necessary to succeed in a highly competitive working environment.

Be an opportunity magnet

An accomplishment-rich resume is a resume that wins. We'll help enrich your knowledge, proficiency and experience.

Improve your personality and quality of life

Learn how to manage time better, handle stress well, get along with people and have a positive outlook to better cope with daily life.


Supply Chain Management Certification

Purchasers and supply chain operations practitioners need not look further if they want to get trained and certified on supply chain management (SCM). As the Education Partner of the International Trade Centre (ITC) in the Philippines, AGS offers the Modular Learning System for SCM professionals (MLS-SCM). This program covers a wide range of SCM topics captured in various learning modules.

Functional or Technical Training

Whether you're an end user or a business applications consultant, you need to learn now to use and optimize your business management solution. You also need to be versed and be able to keep up with the changes happening around it. After all, ERP solutions, much like any software, add new functionalities from time to time.

  • End User Training
  • Consultant's Training

Personal (Soft Skills) Development

In getting a job, hard (technical) skills count heavily. But in keeping it, personal traits or soft skills matter more. Improve your or your employee's skills with our customizable training courses and personality development offerings.

  • Professional Enhancement
  • Leadership Training
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Teambuilding

What our clients say

The unique program of their workshop and the sequence of the training invite participant to be more cooperative and interact with fellow participants. I learned new insights in handling people and supplier and negotiation techniques. I would recommend other to avail their services.

- Ms. Adelaine Mallari, Purchasing Manager

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AGS Academy is very flexible. We appreciate the continuous learning activities to sustain the acquired knowledge from the training. Through their workshops, our employees became confident in presenting heir ideas and improved their communication skills. I would recommend them to other companies because they are a very reliable company.

- Kyla Saura, HRGA Assistant

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AGS Academy helped a lot in our job, especially the Win-Win Negotiations and the Supervisors’ Empowerment Training that we availed. In our job, it helps to have these kinds of training as it enhance our skills to become better salesmen. Thank you AGS Academy!

- Vhon Ryan Cielo, Sales Supervisor

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